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The National Technical University of Athens invites you to participate in the Third International Workshop on Model Reduction in Reacting Flows - IWMRRF 2011, on April 27 to 29, 2011, in Corfu Island, Greece.

IWMRRF 2011 follows a series of two workshops held in Rome, Italy (2007) and Notre Dame, Indiana - USA (2009).

The Workshop's main topics of interest are:

  1. Theoretical foundations of model reduction techniques, including definitions of slow, fast invariant manifolds and related subjects.
  2. Chemical kinetic mechanisms simplification.
  3. Model reduction in ODE's and PDE's.
  4. Model reduction in systems with non-trivial asymptotics.
  5. Computational tools to analyze numerically generated reacting flows.

The objective of this Workshop is to provide a forum for:

  1. Exploring relationships between different methods.
  2. Exploring capabilities and limitations of different methods, and
  3. Reporting of new developments in the area of model reduction in reacting flow.
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